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Apartment building with Ukrainian and Polish flags
Life in Poland

What are we feeding our children?

I am sometimes surprised when I realize that I am a parent, and with that it’s my responsibility to talk to my children about things that are going on in the world. I wonder if my parents had the…

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris


Czego nie robiłabyś w Ameryce a robisz w Polsce?  As an Amerykanka w Polsce, there’s nothing that I have done in Poland that I wasn’t able to do in the USA except drive like a maniac and give bribes…

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris


Check out Part Two of my doszły interview here. Enjoy! Dlaczego zdecydowałaś się na pisanie bloga? My friend Ewa encouraged me. She became my friend here in Poland and later immigrated to the States. She was and I think…

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris


Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did some time ago that never in fact appeared anywhere. Scroll through to check out my answers. Skąd pochodzisz i jak to się stało, że wylądowałaś w Polsce? I come from a…

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris

Life is Brutal

Life is brutal  There’s nothing fun or funny about funerals. There really isn’t. Ok, maybe there is. Let’s start again. There’s nothing fun or funny about death. There we go. That sounds right. Death, not funny. Funerals, sometimes funny.…

Life in Poland

My Absolutely Unscientific Research: 500+

What’s 500+? In the Polish election last autumn the winning party, PiS, took control, some say thanks to its election promise of the 500+ program. The 500 Plus program works like this: a benefit of 500 PLN is paid…

Life in Poland

How did I get here?

Here. Sunday morning. In my claw foot bath up to my ears in bubbles. In my “German” house in Poland. Steaming cup of coffee on the windowsill. Agnieszka Chylinska on the radio. She doesn’t know it, but we spend every…