Kielbasa Stories – Hi. I’m Chris. I’m American and I write this blog about how I moved to Poland and survived. I write about my life in Poland, working in Poland, my Polish family, and Polish food and Polish recipes. In short – An American in Poland. Amerykanka w Polsce.

Cast of characters

Here’s the crew-


That’s me. American girl, living in Poland. Teaching English and whatnot. Married. Mother of 2. Fond of everything Polish from the cuisine and architecture, to the folk art, and village life.


(Me-shoo) a.k.a. Mister B. – That’s my husband. Polish, also an English teacher. Married to me and father of 2 🙂


That’s my oldest. She’s 15. Fond of computer games and online school. An avid bi-lingual reader.


That’s my youngest. She’s 13. Fond of unicorns and eyeliner. A born leader.


We welcome you!