Children’s Day in Poland

Top view of kids' head picking flowers in garden

June 1st marks Children’s Day in Poland called Dzień Dziecka in Polish.

International Children’s Day has been celebrated on June 1st in Poland and in other socialist countries since 1950 and became a permanent holiday in 1952…or so says the Internet.

How is Children’s Day celebrated in Poland?

Children’s Day is a special day for kids. In some families kids get presents, bigger or smaller, from parents or grandparents or even aunts and uncles. Schools often plan some sports day or festival at school. Some classes go on field trips to the zoo or the movies or at least go to the park or playground or for ice cream. During the whole week, towns often plan some festivities for kids and kid-friendly venues usually run promotions for kids’ activities.

Częste mycie skraca życie

There’s an expression in Polish częste mycie skraca życie meaning frequent washing shortens your life. Well, we wish our kids as long a life as possible, don’t we? Dzień Dziecka or having a Dzień Dziecka is also a euphemism for a day in which you don’t have to bathe. So I guess bathing is seen as a chore for some kids. My kids however are fans of the hour shower 😉

How will we celebrate Dzień Dziecka?

Well, I think the teachers at school are planning some kind of activities for the kids. They have only been back to school about a week now since October (due to the pandemic). As a parent, I will give the girls some chocolate and ice cream, and maybe a bit of money to buy themselves a treat.

Małe dzieci – mały kłopot. Duże dzieci – duży kłopot. 

They do say in Polish that Small children – small problems. Big children – big problems. Well, I say we are always somebody’s child, so treat yourself this Children’s Day. Buy yourself your favorite treat or perfume or a new book. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Pull out your childhood photo album. Call you mother if you can. Skip your bath!

It’s your day, too! Enjoy it!

One last thing…

My beautiful children!

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