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Life in Poland

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris

Winter Break

I almost exclusively read my news online – from reputable publications, thank you very much. For you young people out there, there’s nothing new or even interesting in that, but I remember picking up my New York Times each…

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris

The New Year

January 11, 2017, I got sick again. I don’t know why. The doctors don’t know why. That’s pretty scary, not knowing why. When you don’t know exactly why, you don’t know how to help or treat or even cure.…

KIELBASA LIFE Life in Poland

The Dreaded Letter

We got it. The Dreaded Letter.From school.The sealed Dreaded Letter from school. Proper Letters I used to get letters. Proper letters. Proper letters with return addresses. Proper letters with return addresses, stamps, and sometimes a little window. How exciting it…

Life in Poland

My Absolutely Unscientific Research: 500+

What’s 500+? In the Polish election last autumn the winning party, PiS, took control, some say thanks to its election promise of the 500+ program. The 500 Plus program works like this: a benefit of 500 PLN is paid…

Life in Poland Po prostu Chris

So my friend died.

My friend from high school died a couple of days ago. This is the view we shared of our hometown. My friend was 42. He was married with 3 school-age children. Since we graduated from high school and all…

Life in Poland

What’s all the Hubbub? Harlow

You may have heard of the Polish gentleman who was beaten to death last week by a group of teens in Harlow in England. It is said that they attacked him after hearing him speaking Polish on the phone.…