Life in Poland

Globetrotting Macieks

Here we are at the start of our trip- Lizzie, Rosie,  Maciek and Maciek. Well, new Maciek and old Maciek to be exact. The Maciek’s go with us everywhere. There’s not a place Maciek and Maciek haven’t been…and here they are on their way to the USA!
Old Maciek was purchased ages ago from an ecological fair in the city. I was pregnant with Lizzie at the time. I didn’t know much about babies at that point, but I did know that babies ooze various kinds of goo and a washable doll made from fleece seemed like a good idea. I looked over all the dolls and finally chose the red-headed one. As the seller noticed my pregnant belly, he congratulated me and wished me anything but a red-headed baby. I thought that was an extremely odd thing to say but didn’t think much more of it at the time.
I found out later that it is considered bad luck to have a red-headed child. It’s just an old-wives’-tale that red-heads are not to be trusted. Sorry carrot tops.
So, the little red-headed doll became Lizzie’s. When Lizzie was about 2, she named her doll Maciek. Maciek is obviously a girl doll, but I am not one to judge. About the same time Rosie came along and not too long after that I found the same seller at another ecological fair. I choose a blond doll for Rosie and brought it home to surprise her. We all got a surprise when Lizzie deemed the new doll “new Maciek” and thrust the other doll (deemed “old Maciek” by default) into Rosie’s hands. Lizzie was happy. Rosie was happy. And that’s how we got our old and new Macieks (or Maćkis, if you prefer).
The girls did really well on the flights. The first short flight served as a warm-up for the next longer flight to the US. Luckily for us, the girls watched a movie, ate something, went to the toilet and then fell asleep…on top of us, but we managed somehow. We were worried about a 5-hour lay-over at the start of our trip, but thanks to the indoor playground (and old Maciek), the time went by smoothly.
More about our trip and more pictures are on the way. Thanks for waiting.

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    August 10, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Oh goodness, my MIL won't even entertain the idea of a red-headed gradbaby. I think her exact words were, when someone brought it up, were \”don't even talk that way!\” Two of my siblings have very red hair and I have hints of it… good thing for her there is no red hair in Martin's family anywhere or else she'd be done for! (I'm still hoping for a miracle though)Love the pictures, I hope ya'll had fun on your trip!

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    August 14, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    But you know what is strange about that? All the older ladies color their hair various shades of red. Strange, isn't it?Our trip was interesting and opened us up to some new possibilities. I hope that you are getting settled in. It'll get better and easier esp. when you get a routine going, get to know the area and can get around yourself.And of course if you need anything, let me know.

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