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Dora the Explorer

We have received new Dora the Explorer books from the USA!


I am so excited and it is not because I am Dora’s number 1 fan. It is because Lizzie is Dora’s number 1 fan and we have only one Dora book. Say “Ahhh!” Dora Goes to the Doctor is Lizzie’s current fave and she is proud to know the proper name for all the instruments from her Fisher Price Doctor’s Kit (also sent by my mother from the USA). We no longer say “ear looker thingy” but “otoscope”. Are you impressed?

Our original Dora book


New Dora books for Christmas now hidden deep in the wardrobe


We’ve recently found Dora on TV here in Poland, on VH1 actually in the morning. (I suppose that Nickelodeon and VH1 are the same company) Originally, Dora speaks English and teaches some Spanish. In our version, Dora speaks Polish and teaches English.

We can’t get last Saturday’s song out of our heads.

Miezsu, mieszu, czekolada.

Mix your chocolate, czekolada.

We have our own version.

Brush-u, brush-u, brush your zęby.

Clean your teeth, ząbki, ząbki.

Happy exploring to any Dora fans out there!

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