Life in Poland

In the past

It’s such an odd sensation to see a building I walk past almost every day on the History Channel – a building on a street that for me has no other importance than not being able to find a parking place. It’s so strange to see that building on the History Channel without cars parked in every available spot and even parked in a few places that aren’t parking spots. It’s quite peculiar to see people walking in front of that building wearing clothes that are obviously their everyday wear but to me seem elegant and refined. How curious it feels to see the big red banners hanging at the entrance with the unmistakable swastika on them.

police headquarters sans banners

Not that I am dull and unaware of my city’s past. I have read plenty of books about my city and seen countless pictures of the city from the past – (most recently a fantastic exhibition of city photos from the 1960’s displayed in the Market Square). It was just unsettling to put the kids to bed, make a cup of tea,  switch on the television and the first view I saw was something like THAT.

ul. Podwale


the main station


Hotel Monopol

These pictures come from I have been addicted to this site for about 2 years. Now you know one of my dirty, little secrets.

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