Life in Poland

Other stuff that has happened in the last week or two

Our friends from Burma visited us with their 2 children which is a big deal because Burma is not a free country, it is far away, and they had to travel all that way with 2 small kids without losing their minds.

Misiu found his class picture from Wawel.

Wawel school trip

Lizzie turned 4. She was very pleased with her birthday cake and hardly noticed that it wasn’t homemade as she requested. Lizzie also received her dream bike which she rides constantly. She would sleep with it if she could.Spring 2010 115

Rosie’s allergy diet is still going on and preliminary results show that she is not allergic to eggs, a little bit allergic to wheat and very allergic to milk. Next, we are going to check if dairy in baked goods causes an allergic reaction and if yogurt causes as bad a reaction (or worse) than milk.

We have discovered that Rosie can put together her puzzle all by herself. Genius? I think so.Spring 2010 049

Sandbox season has officially opened and our girls couldn’t be happier.

Both Rosie and Lizzie had their first hairdresser haircuts. Lizzie was very brave and her hair turned out great. Rosie on the other hand wasn’t having it and only got her bangs trimmed.

There was an armed robbery at the deli next to one of our 3 Żabkas (Wow! I know!). As the robbers didn’t made away with much (according to the hairdresser), I think that it may be the first and last such robbery in our neighborhood. (I need to write a post about gun control, I think.)Spring 2010 114

Two of my clients have changed their office locations, cutting my commute and time spent searching for a parking spot considerably.

We have discovered the benefit of living in such a windy place. It is great for flying a kite.Spring 2010 004

We put a bird feeder at our house fulfilling a long-standing desire of Lizzie to watch birds in our garden.Spring 2010 009

Misiu bought me a charm bracelet fulfilling a long-standing desire of mine to see a charm bracelet on my wrist 😉Spring 2010 001

Life goes on.

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    May 13, 2010 at 3:03 pm

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    May 14, 2010 at 4:35 am

    Melissa- I have sent you an email. I haven't seen your show so I don't know if our house is suitable. With the condition our house is in, it would better match up with anything with \”makeover\”, \”fix\” or \”money pit\” in the title 😉

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