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The Dreaded Letter

We got it. The Dreaded Letter.From school.The sealed Dreaded Letter from school. Proper Letters I used to get letters. Proper letters. Proper letters with return addresses. Proper letters with return addresses, stamps, and sometimes a little window. How exciting it…


Our Easter in Poland

Śmigus dyngus It’s Lany Poniedziałek (Wet Monday) otherwise known as śmigus dyngus in Poland, and our Easter break is coming to an end. What is śmigus dyngus you ask? Well, it is a Polish tradition, taking place on Easter…

Life in Poland

Don’t give up.

Poland is often called a Catholic country. I am not even sure what that means exactly. In my experience it means that some people are devout believers in god and church, others believe in god but maybe not the…

Life in Poland

Kids and life and stuff

Here’s how our village celebrated Children’s Day – a “bajkowe” welcome in the morning followed by a sport’s day at school. Here’s how we celebrated – homemade chocolate chip cookies.And to continue the American theme – hamburgers!Our village is…

Life in Poland

Fed Up!

I am fed up with everything and almost everyone lately and I don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. So, how do I cope? Have I started drinking? No way, gives me a headache. Have I started smoking? Not…

Life in Poland

Angina po polsku

Little Rosie has angina. Angina!?! you say. Don’t worry. It isn’t that serious. She has angina po polsku. I remember the first time I heard the word angina in Poland. One of my students called me to cancel her…