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Pizza with picture of Pope John Paul II in pizza toppings
Life in Poland Po prostu Chris


Pizza Polonia? Polish Pizza? What’s that, you might be thinking. There are a lot of tasty dishes Poland is known for, Polish pierogi, Polish Bigos, Polish Łazanki, but Polish Pizza? Pierwsze słyszę. My first encounter with Polish pizza My…


Our Easter in Poland

Śmigus dyngus It’s Lany Poniedziałek (Wet Monday) otherwise known as śmigus dyngus in Poland, and our Easter break is coming to an end. What is śmigus dyngus you ask? Well, it is a Polish tradition, taking place on Easter…

Life in Poland Polish Cabbage Dishes RECIPES

Fried Cabbage with Dill

FRIED CABBAGE WITH DILL We are a cabbage family. We love cabbage. Bigos, cabbage. Coleslaw, cabbage. Gołąbki, the best part is the cabbage. We especially love fried cabbage. It’s really easy if you have a food processor. It’s less…

Life in Poland

Kefirek, my love.

I like kefir. Mmmm kefir with that lovely, zingy, slightly sour taste. It’s refreshing and if you choose the plain one (the only kind I drink), it’s a relatively low fat, low calorie protein boost.  And apparently it’s good…

Life in Poland

Fat Thursday’s Donut Damage

Donut Day (czyli Fat Thursday) has come and gone. I suppose I can start my diet now – or tomorrow – or better yet, Monday! But before that let’s first review the donut damage. Despite the many, many donuts…

Life in Poland

Christmas in the Village

We spent Christmas at our village house for the first time ever. It was fantastic. Rosie kept saying “this is our prawdziwy dom”. That’s exactly what I was thinking too. We were able to spend Christmas at our house…

Life in Poland

Killer Cucumbers ;)

Carrefour has assured me that the cucumbers we’ve bought originate from a greenhouse in Poland. I certainly hope so. I hope they don’t originate from a dumpster in Germany transported to Poland by some entrepreneurial cucumber sellers. You can…

Life in Poland

Company Christmas Parties -Biurowa Wigilia

Yesterday evening, I attended the Christmas party of one of my client’s. It will be the only company Christmas party for me this year. Not that I wasn’t invited to any others, but one a year is quite enough.…