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Life in Poland

Welcome to Hel

I’ve been warned all my life that I’d wind up in hell. Who knew it was such a beautiful place. The sand is a lovely white color. The water is clear. The weather changes from minute to minute, but…

Life in Poland

First day of School

My first trip to the Baltic Sea had come to an end. I left the Baltic a little sad but also excited to get the school year underway. This would be my first school year as a real teacher.…

Life in Poland

The Baltic Sea and Iodine

If you make it to the Baltic Sea nowadays and you can find a square meter on which to park your blanket and your family, consider yourself lucky because the Baltic Sea is a real family summer vacation hot…

Life in Poland

Welcome to the Baltic Sea

When I mentioned to one of my university professors in the US that I was considering a trip to Poland and maybe even a swim in the Baltic Sea, he recoiled in horror. “Don’t do it,” he said. “Don’t…

Life in Poland

The Baltic Sea and a Good Night’s Rest

My new friend welcomed me, and I was already feeling better. He carried my bags as all Polish gentlemen insist on doing, and we were on our way to his mother’s house where a fantastic home-cooked meal was waiting.…

Life in Poland

You think your journey was bad po polsku

This is my first attempt ever to write something in Polish. I translated the post about my unfortunate train ride to the Baltic Sea as suggested. Translating it from English was the only way I could have done it.…