Life in Poland

So I’m like basically a celebrity now.

Okay, so not really. Unless walking your kids to school, going to work, picking up your kids from school, going back to work, cooking, cleaning, and laundry is the new definition of celebrity. Like orange is the new black and stressed-out mom is the new celebrity? No?

Who would have thought the beginning of October would be so busy. We’ve got school, homework, dance lessons, soccer practice, and then more homework and work, work and more work. But work is good. Work is a blessing. Even if it is correcting endless texts about erectile dysfunction. Okay, who am I kidding? Endless texts. They just seem endless because I’m still on the first page.

The rainy season has started which allows us to play our favorite morning game as we walk to school – kupa czy ślimak? (poop or slug?) – Sometimes they look identical. They are each gross, but if I had to accidentally step on one or in one, I’d prefer the ślimak. I guess if I am a celebrity I should probably Instagram that, right?

What else is up? Politicians and priests have said so many out-there things lately, I have given up trying to pay attention. Notorious Krystyna Pawłowicz has announced her contest to re-name “gender” which is used in Poland in English or something similar to English, but as far as the meaning of the word it is used almost exclusively incorrectly. I’ve stopped referring to Krystyna Pawłowicz as Professor Pawłowicz, well, because. Here’s her quote on the topic,

“Jak po polsku nazwać to, co lewactwo ukrywa pod słowem ‘gender’, walki z naturą, z kobietą, mężczyzną i dziećmi, walki z wiarą w Boga?”

“How to call it in Polish, this what the leftists are concealing behind this word ‘gender’, a fight against neighbor, between women, men and children, a fight against faith in God?”

And on the same topic, a quote by archbishop Stanisław Gądecki,

“Niektórym rodzicom podoba się uczenie chłopców, że winni po sobie sprzątać, a nie czekać, aż zrobią to za nich dziewczynki.” 

“Some parents like to teach their boys that they should clean up after themselves and not wait for a girl to do if for them.”

He warns of “lansowaną pod płaszczykiem programu równościowego ideologią genderyzmu”.

I don’t know if it comes out clearly in English but he’s against boys cleaning up after themselves.

There were some other politicians who said something weird about incest but I don’t even want to think about it or write about it.

I went to a lovely event last week. It was a kind of fashion show event and Misiu accompanied me which took a lot of scheduling, but we did it somehow. It was very nice and very well-organized czyli da się. Either this city is small or I know a lot of people because I got to see some old acquaintances and catch up. I had my make-up done professionally so I was rockin’ that smoky eye. I got a lot of compliments too…did I mention there were a lot of gays there? It was compliments galore for Chris.

I learned a new word – szpaner, something like ‘a show-off’. There were a couple of celebrities that were paid to be there. That means they have to talk with you even if they don’t want to and that they encourage you to take pictures with them…to the point where their assistant may ask you if you want to take a selfie with said celebrity. Apparently answering ‘no’ is kind of a faux pas, but you’re a hit with the gays after that. Anyhow, people were crazy, jumping around, posing for selfies, taking pictures on the stage and on the catwalk. My friend said, “I think we are some of the few people here having an actual good time instead of an Instagram good time.” One guy took a picture with me and then walked away as I was introducing myself, asking the girl with him if I was “somebody”. Cra – zeee.

Oh, and by the way, I am somebody.

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    October 8, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    \”pod plaszczykiem\” is a phrase from the previous era, beloved by regime's mainstream media.There were 2: \”czlonek nie tylko z ramienia\” and \”manipulacja czlonkiem pod plaszczykiem\”…Congrats on your evening look!

  • Reply
    October 8, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Czar – Is it just me or does \”manipulacja czlonkiem pod plaszczykiem\” make you think of something, umm, not political?

  • Reply
    October 8, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    It's not just you – I still wonder how come the censorship let it slip through? Censors used to be quite intelligent people, familiar with linguistic nuances.

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    October 9, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Najlepiej słowa Pani Krystyny Pawłowicz można ująć tak\”chuj,dupa i kamieni kupa\” .Może czasami lepiej pozwolić drugiej osobie żyć po swojemu 🙂 .Co lepsze ona ma więcej takich powiedzeń np osoby nie mające dzieci są nieużyteczni dla państwa .Zapomina , że stara jest 60+ krowa i nie ma dzieci … a od innych wymaga rodziny prorodzinnej

  • Reply
    October 10, 2014 at 8:27 am

    And she is responsible for the education of young people 🙁

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