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Cut Hillary Clinton some slack

If you have not heard how American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost her temper last week, here it it is in a nutshell. Hillary Clinton, during a press conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo, took offence to a question from a student who mistakenly asked her what the opinion of her husband, former president Bill Clinton, was instead of the opinion of Barak Obama the current president. Instead of supposing the student could have nervously misspoken, Clinton ripped into him with, “Wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the secretary of state. I am. So, you ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I’m not going to be channeling my husband,”. That poor student probably wet his pants.

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I say cut her some slack. Her husband has been all over the media for swooping down into North Korea to save those 2 damsels in distress while Hillary has been visiting refugee camps in Africa. Who knows how many times journalists have asked her questions or the same question about her husband. Maybe this question was just the last straw.

I can totally sympathize with Hillary. Not about the Secretary of State, husband former President of the free world/damsel in distress swooper thing but with the annoying and repetitive questions thing. Have you seen the television show Ranczo? No, well, neither have I but that somehow doesn’t make a difference to the people who like to ask me about it. Everything I know about Ranczo is what I read in the first few lines of the wikipedia entry ranczo Basically, Ranczo is a sitcom about an American lady named Lucy who inherits a manor house from her grandma which she plans to sell but after falling in love with the charms of village life in Poland she decides to stay, renovate the house and make her life in Poland. After reading that I think you know what people say to me.

Some unfortunate person says, “Oh my god, have you seen Ranczo? You are just like Luuuuceeee. You have a house in the village too, just like Luuuuceeee. You are renovating your house, just like Luuuuceeee! Do you blah, blah, blah, just like Luuuceee? Did you see the one where Luuuuceee does blah, blah,blaaaaaaaaaaah?

I scream in response, channeling my inner-Hillary Clinton,Aaaaah! I am not just like Luuuceee! My house is not a manor house! It’s a red brick money pit! I did not fall in love with the charms of village life but with the charms of my Misiu! Congratulations on being the 1000th person to ask me that. Your prize is my foot in your arse!

Unfortunate person who hardly noticed my screaming, “But you are American just like Luuuceee. That is so funny”.

Actually my response is something like this, “Really, I’ve heard something about Ranczo but I’ve never seen it. It sounds funny”. I’m too polite for my own good.

Ranczo could be funny for all I know because I have never seen it and I don’t really care to either. The fish-out-of-water set up sounds promising but I suspect it falls flat like most other Polish sitcoms (think BrzydUla, Polish’s Ugly Betty). Misiu says that he adores my sitcom sense of humor and that is enough for me.

Ok, Ranczo fans. Let me have it 😉

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