Life in Poland

How did I get here?

Here. Sunday morning. In my claw foot bath up to my ears in bubbles. In my “German” house in Poland. Steaming cup of coffee on the windowsill. Agnieszka Chylinska on the radio.

She doesn’t know it, but we spend every Sunday morning together – me in the tub, Agnieszka playing hits on the radio. We’ve both changed a lot since we first “met”. She’s no longer the young, rebellious rocker with the need to tell people fak ju. I’m not the young naive American girl who hardly ever said the f-word.

When people meet me they often ask “what are you doing here?” or “how did you get here?” – and I just don’t know. It certainly wasn’t my intention, but here I am just the same. Life’s strange that way.

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    Lois B
    March 1, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Happy soaking!

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    March 9, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    Hi Chris,I'm new around here (got in by accident googling \”pregnancy in Poland\”, huh) but I'm already hooked. I haven't had time to read through everything but not long ago you mentioned \”The Talk\”.I've compared notes with quite a few people of different ages and the conclusion is one: my mum REALLY was a genius. She bought me this book: case the link dies: encyklopedia wychowania seksualnego 7-9 lat) and I still think it's absolutely awesome. No bullshitting but still kid-friendly. Made me a real hit with my friends as I was one of the lucky few who actually KNEW what's what. It's really difficult to buy now, though, maybe allegro? There are also sequels for older kids, teenagers and adults.Side note: 11-year-old asking about bj? I grew up in the early '90s, no internet, no computer and I knew what \”ice cream making\” was back then… No clear idea where from. Either the all time favourite \”Bravo\” magazine or my mates' knowledgeable older siblings;)

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    March 10, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    Hello Mom2B – Can I assume that you are expecting? If so, congratulations. I hope that what you read under \”pregnancy in Poland\” didn't scare you. If you can separate the few nasty incidents, the actual birth part was pretty good. Mid-wives in Poland are experienced and after we set the tone, all went well.I will ask our village librarian about that book. She is very resourceful in locating whatever you may need and now that she has a computer (but no central heating nor toilet), she often borrows things for us from other libraries.We have tackled the first installment of The Talk. I am not looking forward to the ice cream making conversation but I have my game plan all ready to go. I will definitely spell it all out because I remember being 10 and thinking ice cream making is what got ladies pregnant ;)I very happy that you've found your way here and that you are hooked. Enjoy and maybe I will get around to writing something soon.

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