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Our Easter in Poland

Śmigus dyngus It’s Lany Poniedziałek (Wet Monday) otherwise known as śmigus dyngus in Poland, and our Easter break is coming to an end. What is śmigus dyngus you ask? Well, it is a Polish tradition, taking place on Easter…

Life in Poland

America does Easter right

America does Easter right if by right I mean hijacking a religious holiday and making it a consumerist Easter Extravaganza then they do it very right. (Maybe it should be Easter Eggstravaganza!) Sweet plush decorations Rosie’s favorite Easter Hello…

Life in Poland

Shopping Madness

I have experienced the shopping madness which is IKEA Saturday morning one week before Christmas. Normally, I wouldn’t even go to IKEA on a normal weekend but circumstances were such that we had to go today. What circumstances could…

Life in Poland


It started snowing Friday afternoon a few hours before I had to pick up Lizzie from Pre-school, and it has been snowing ever since which really stinks because the Jeep is still at the mechanic and the “little” car…

Life in Poland

Christmas shopping

I do not like shopping. I do not like shopping in the US. I do not like shopping in Poland. I do not like shopping for you. I do not like shopping for me. I do not like shopping…