A plate of macaroni topped with a strawberry cream sauce and chopped strawberries

Macaroni with Strawberries (Makaron z truskawkami)

We love strawberries in every form at our house, and a big strawberry favorite is this Polish childhood classic of Macaroni with Strawberries, in this case, the creamy version. We wait for strawberry season every year to make Macaroni…

Plate of blueberry pierogi with a dollop of cream in the middle and blueberries on the left side

Wild Blueberry Pierogi (Pierogi z jagodami)

Check out this simple recipe for homemade Wild Blueberry Pierogi - in Polish called Pierogi z Jagodami. Jagody means berries and pierogi with berries usually means bilberries - a kind of wild blueberry that can be found in…

A pan of scored, white sausages with onion and red bell peppers.

Polish White Sausage (Biała Kiełbasa)

Polish White Sausage (Biała Kiełbasa), served at Easter in Poland, is a dish I wait for all year. The key is finding good quality white sausage called biała kiełbasa in Polish. Polish White Sausage is a raw sausage,…