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Life in Poland


We have a permanent route on weekends especially this Majówka “weekend” which lasts 9 days (Polish math ;). It goes something like this: bakery-play ground-play ground-bakery-Babcia. On our way between the bakery and the play ground (and before Babcia’s)…

Life in Poland

Some people have Jesus – Niektórzy mają Jezusa

We have Uszatek. Lizzie’s pre-school class had Wigilia (Christmas Eve) last week. Jasełka (Christmas play) will be in January. As you can see in the picture, it was a full house. salt dough painting time – malowanie masy solnej…

Life in Poland

Rio de Świebodzineiro

  – Wybudowanie pomnika było dla mnie powołaniem. Chrystus objawił mi się i powiedział, żebym to zrobił. Tak się stało. Kierowałem się symboliką. Sama postać Jezusa mierzy 33 metry, dokładnie tyle, ile Chrystus miał lat, gdy umarł na krzyżu…

Life in Poland

Religion lessons update

Let’s review the Pre-school Religion lesson situation: Informed by Headmistress that we need to sign up our child for Religion. Not signing up means the child will not attend. We did not sign Lizzie up as we do not…

Life in Poland


I’ve never been over-sensitive to discrimination. I’m not one of those people to boo-hoo into my pillow at night because somebody has slighted me. I’m a big girl, I’ve got thick skin and even if something seemed to be…

Life in Poland


If you signed up for a university course entitled “Religion”, what would you suppose the course curriculum included? Perhaps an overview of religion and its influence on historical events? Perhaps a comparison of religions of the world and their…