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Our Easter in Poland

Śmigus dyngus It’s Lany Poniedziałek (Wet Monday) otherwise known as śmigus dyngus in Poland, and our Easter break is coming to an end. What is śmigus dyngus you ask? Well, it is a Polish tradition, taking place on Easter…

Life in Poland

The end of Kielbasa Stories???

It may be the end of Kielbasa Stories as we know it. Anticipated comments: Reaction 1: What? Chris, no! We love you and Kielbasa Stories so much. You are such a clever and talented writer with an amazing sense…

Life in Poland

Autumn is coming!

How do I know? A few reasons… We had to wear jackets in our yard for the first time since Spring. Luckily, we were prepared. We could only hunt out a handful of wild strawberries in our strawberry patch…