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Apartment building with Ukrainian and Polish flags
Life in Poland

What are we feeding our children?

I am sometimes surprised when I realize that I am a parent, and with that it’s my responsibility to talk to my children about things that are going on in the world. I wonder if my parents had the…

Pizza with picture of Pope John Paul II in pizza toppings
Life in Poland Po prostu Chris


Pizza Polonia? Polish Pizza? What’s that, you might be thinking. There are a lot of tasty dishes Poland is known for, Polish pierogi, Polish Bigos, Polish Łazanki, but Polish Pizza? Pierwsze słyszę. My first encounter with Polish pizza My…

Life in Poland

Jesteśmy w Polsce i mówimy po polsku

Czy mówi Pan po angielsku? (Do you speak English, sir?) Czy mówi Pani po angielsku? (Do you speak English, ma’am?) Czy mogę mówić po angielsku? (May I speak English?) How many times have I asked these questions? Maybe a…

Life in Poland

Angina po polsku

Little Rosie has angina. Angina!?! you say. Don’t worry. It isn’t that serious. She has angina po polsku. I remember the first time I heard the word angina in Poland. One of my students called me to cancel her…