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Life in Poland

Tusk, Tusk, Tusk

Tuesday, Prime Minister Donald Tusk had some interesting things to say about buttons and about summer. Too bad the female journalist was trying to ask him about politics. Here’s what went down. A journalist from Polskie Radi0 questioned Prime…

Life in Poland

Some people have Jesus – Niektórzy mają Jezusa

We have Uszatek. Lizzie’s pre-school class had Wigilia (Christmas Eve) last week. Jasełka (Christmas play) will be in January. As you can see in the picture, it was a full house. salt dough painting time – malowanie masy solnej…

Life in Poland

Company Christmas Parties -Biurowa Wigilia

Yesterday evening, I attended the Christmas party of one of my client’s. It will be the only company Christmas party for me this year. Not that I wasn’t invited to any others, but one a year is quite enough.…

Life in Poland

Humor polski

Is there something such as a Polish sense of humor? I think that there is. Maybe we are more familiar with the British sense of humor (Monty Python and all that) or the American sitcom sense of humor, but…

Life in Poland

Rio de Świebodzineiro

  – Wybudowanie pomnika było dla mnie powołaniem. Chrystus objawił mi się i powiedział, żebym to zrobił. Tak się stało. Kierowałem się symboliką. Sama postać Jezusa mierzy 33 metry, dokładnie tyle, ile Chrystus miał lat, gdy umarł na krzyżu…