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Life in Poland Po prostu Chris


Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did some time ago that never in fact appeared anywhere. Scroll through to check out my answers. Skąd pochodzisz i jak to się stało, że wylądowałaś w Polsce? I come from a…

Life in Poland

My first Polish jokes – Painters at PZU

For some reason when I first came to Poland, people liked telling me jokes especially the joke (maybe you know it) with the punch line “piłka…do metalu” (complete with arm motions showing a ball and then a saw). The…

Life in Poland

Nature Calls

As I mentioned awhile back, my living quarters when I first came to Poland were less than desirable – the archives room of a PZU office building in the Village – unless you like that kind of a thing.…

Life in Poland

Yellow papers anyone?

You may have heard of the pink slip (it is a euphemism for getting fired in America), but have you heard of the yellow papers? No? Then you are probably not Polish. Getting your “yellow papers” in Polish means…

Life in Poland

Chestnuts – Kasztany

I did do other things in the Village those 10 years ago than just try to pick up boys. I also went for walks 😉 I am not very good at finding my way around so I started on…