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Life in Poland

Bangs! – Grzywka!

I cannot write anything because I am too distracted by my new bangs. Really, I do not know what to think. I am having an identity crisis. My hair is giving a definite “Chicago” vibe – the musical of…

Life in Poland

It’s time to vote! Czas na głosowanie!

If you’d like to vote for Kielbasa Stories in the Blog of the Year 2010 competition, please send a text message of A00320 to the number 7122 (til January 20th). The cost of the text message is 1.23 PLN…

Life in Poland

Elevators and Me – Windy i Ja

I come from a small town in which an elevator was something hard to come by. I love to go in elevators or lifts if you prefer. When one company where I had lessons built a big beautiful new…

Life in Poland

Some people have Jesus – Niektórzy mają Jezusa

We have Uszatek. Lizzie’s pre-school class had Wigilia (Christmas Eve) last week. Jasełka (Christmas play) will be in January. As you can see in the picture, it was a full house. salt dough painting time – malowanie masy solnej…