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Fat Thursday

Life in Poland

Fat Thursday’s Donut Damage

Donut Day (czyli Fat Thursday) has come and gone. I suppose I can start my diet now – or tomorrow – or better yet, Monday! But before that let’s first review the donut damage. Despite the many, many donuts…

Life in Poland

Women’s Day – Dzień Kobiet

So, I received my obligatory Women’s Day carnation from one of my student’s, the President of one of the companies where I teach. He decided to drop it “old school” and with a large group of gentlemen traveled around…

Life in Poland

Doughnut po polsku

Poradnik: How to eat a Polish doughnut A Polish doughnut called pączek is what we would call in America a filled doughnut. It should be large and round, about the the size of your fist with a kind of…