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Life in Poland

You probably thought I was on vacay

No such luck. Actually, I’ve been very busy. I may be one of the few English teachers who has a busy summer season. Summer for ESL teachers in Poland usually equals starvation- school kids are on holiday, business people…

Life in Poland

A Good Thing – Dobre Strony

A good thing about being a “travelling” English teacher is that when you arrive for a morning lesson you are served delicious coffee…with foam…in a nice cup with saucer…by a smiling lady or occasionally a gentleman. Mmmm, good. Another…


National Window Cleaning Week

In case you didn’t know, it is National Window Cleaning Week in Poland. I’m just kidding it is the week before Easter, but take a look around and you’ll see what I mean. I remember my first Easter in…

Life in Poland

WWIII started by the English!

The English language that is. I am the first to admit that my English is not perfect. Have you noticed my punctuation issues?Even though English is my first and basically only language, I have been known to make a…

Life in Poland

Awkward moments

Here is just the first installment of awkward moments I have had with my students. There will be more to come. Who are my students? Mostly, they are business people who would like to learn English for work. If…