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Our Easter in Poland

Śmigus dyngus It’s Lany Poniedziałek (Wet Monday) otherwise known as śmigus dyngus in Poland, and our Easter break is coming to an end. What is śmigus dyngus you ask? Well, it is a Polish tradition, taking place on Easter…

Life in Poland

A white Halloween

Our Halloween celebration was a little bit foiled by the weather (it snowed all day) and a little bit by our neighbors, but the candy was abundant so I don’t think anyone took notice.It was our first Halloween in…


Polish Easter Eggs: Pisanki

We finally decorated our Easter Eggs. Actually, we made pisanki (from the Polish word pisać – to write, so “written” Easter eggs). Some babcias would probably turn over in their graves if they could see what I am calling…

Life in Poland

One of those mothers

I’m turning into one of those mothers. You know the kind. The one that makes homemade soup, homemade Halloween costumes, homemade birthday cakes, homemade holiday decorations. That’s me. Who woulda thunk it? Wrapped gift for a birthday party and…

Life in Poland

Thanksgiving decorations for KIDS

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the US tomorrow or Turkey Day as some people call it. It’s usually a pretty melancholy day for me as I am here (Poland) and my family is there (the US). But I have a…