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Life in Poland

My Absolutely Unscientific Research: 500+

What’s 500+? In the Polish election last autumn the winning party, PiS, took control, some say thanks to its election promise of the 500+ program. The 500 Plus program works like this: a benefit of 500 PLN is paid…

Life in Poland

No funerals, no vomit hands

We got a chance to spend the weekend together. No funerals. Our weekend always starts the same with a drive from the city to the village. Occasionally we spot a deer or fox or wild pig on the way, but…

Life in Poland

Not what I was expecting

We spent last Easter in the US with my family. Rosie got her birthday cake on board the plane along with a card signed by the whole crew. She promptly vomited it all up, but the thought was very…

Life in Poland

Monday morning na wsi

I have long envied men the penis. It is true. Oh not for the reasons you might suppose. As a member of the clan of the small bladder, I have envied men their external equipment for the sheer convenience of…

Life in Poland

Żegnaj lato. Witaj szkoło!

We bid summer farewell as we do each year with an end-of-the-summer BBQ with friends. The friends on the guest list change from year to year, but the venue stays the same – our barn. We talked about how…

Life in Poland

Kids and life and stuff

Here’s how our village celebrated Children’s Day – a “bajkowe” welcome in the morning followed by a sport’s day at school. Here’s how we celebrated – homemade chocolate chip cookies.And to continue the American theme – hamburgers!Our village is…