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Life in Poland

Coraz bliżej Święta

Chuck Norris w świątecznym wydaniu Another Bank Zachodni-WBK ad featuring Chuck Norris. “Come for your Christmas hay” sianko=hay hay=cash So basically Chuch Norris invites you to go into debt this Christmas. Spend your way into the red. Red is…

Life in Poland

Christmas in the Village

We spent Christmas at our village house for the first time ever. It was fantastic. Rosie kept saying “this is our prawdziwy dom”. That’s exactly what I was thinking too. We were able to spend Christmas at our house…

Life in Poland

Shopping Madness

I have experienced the shopping madness which is IKEA Saturday morning one week before Christmas. Normally, I wouldn’t even go to IKEA on a normal weekend but circumstances were such that we had to go today. What circumstances could…

Life in Poland

Homemade Advent Calendar

Here’s a simple and creative idea for a homemade Advent calendar. All the credit goes to the very crafty mom of my student Misia.   To make your own Advent calendar you will need: a corkboard empty matchboxes decorative…

Life in Poland

blah, blah, blah…czyli what’s up with me

I know this blog is supposed to be mainly about Poland but we shall digress for a moment and talk about….me! I am working, working, working as usual as is Misiu. We celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend (it had to…

Life in Poland

Some people have Jesus – Niektórzy mają Jezusa

We have Uszatek. Lizzie’s pre-school class had Wigilia (Christmas Eve) last week. Jasełka (Christmas play) will be in January. As you can see in the picture, it was a full house. salt dough painting time – malowanie masy solnej…