Polish Vegetable Salad (Sałatka Jarzynowa)

Polish Vegetable Salad (Sałatka Jarzynowa) is a definite cult classic in Poland. There is no holiday, wedding, or family get-together that doesn’t get the Jarzynowa treatment. Every family has their own recipe, considered the “right way” to make it. Once I got banished from the kitchen for attempting to put onions in the salad. Another time, my sin was not cutting the vegetable in the right sized cubes.

This salad consists mainly of potatoes, vegetables, and mayonnaise. People have strong opinions of what exactly goes into this salad. Every family has their own recipe, and every salad I have every tried was good. Once I bought the “wrong” mayonnaise for the salad but as an American in Poland I was excused for not knowing any better.

Now I make this salad every Easter and Christmas and for any other events or get togethers in between. It always goes down a treat.

Give this Polish Vegetable Salad (Sałatka Jarzynowa) recipe a try. You will soon find that you have not only a new dish on your family menu, but also a new family tradition.

Smacznego to you!