Polish Easter Cake (Mazurek) with Caramel

Polish Easter cake Mazurek is the most Easter of all the Polish Easter cakes I can think of. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and no matter how you make it, it tastes great. It’s fun to make and a great Easter activity to involve the kids. You can load it up with whatever your heart desires or make it as simple as you want.

I decided to try my hand at Mazurek making after being asked to be a judge at the annual Mazurek Bake-Off in my small town in Poland. Amazing, I know!!! Every Mazurek was beautiful in it’s own way and tasty as well. There I discovered my favorite kind of Mazurek, the caramel one, and here is my surprisingly simple recipe.

Also please check out the gallery at the end of the post. There’s another rendition of my Caramel Mazurek where I forgot to warm up the caramel first, a store-bought caramel Mazurek packed with peanuts, and those beautiful Mazurek contest entries. They were all winners in my book!