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Przypominamy, proszę skasować bilet!!!

Please remember to validate your ticket!!!


I don’t know why the local public transportation administration insists on the !!! One would suffice. Or suffice!

If I could convey a message to the public transportation administration it would be this:

I always validate my ticket.

Thank you for the reminder!!!

old school vs. new school

I’m getting used to life with only one car. Most days are good actually. Friday, my worst car-less day, would have been great if not for the snow. We started from a walk to school at 7:15 in snow flurries. Then I grabbed the bus close to school and travelled as far across the city as possible as to still be considered in the city, but aha, I can reach my destination on one bus (plus a little walking). Lessons, lessons, lessons and I took off running trying to catch the tram at 6 after the hour which would deposit me directly in front of my next company. No such luck due to an adorable class of pre-schoolers on a very cold and snowy walk who were completely blocking the sidewalk. Made if for the 10 after tram and along with aforementioned pre-schoolers headed to the center.

My favorite part about public transport is that I can observe the city. This trip allowed me to observe what would have been our neighborhood if we had bought the huge (130 square meters) apartment we first considered. Now, I can say that I am relieved that we didn’t. Not that I have anything against prisons, per se, but I am definitely glad that we don’t live opposite one.

I arrived in the center and went to my most regular and resilient student. 5 days a week of English with Chris? No problem. 90 minutes later, I was back on the street and hoofing it to my next lesson. I arrived covered in snow to a surprised student eating her lunch. I gave her a heartfelt (and stomach growling) smacznego and she welcomed me in out of the snow.

An hour later that same fantastic lady dropped me off close to the bus stop saving me 30 minutes of snow walking (boss obviously out of the office). I helped a very sweet dziaduś to find his way and we were off somewhat in the direction of home. Got off the bus and headed to school on foot. It was snowing to beat all hell. Walked with the kids in a bunny hop formation so that the blowing snow hit me directly in the face but kept them protected. Got home, made tea, drank tea, made more tea, couldn’t get warm for the next 6 hours.

Except for the cold and the snow and the longer time to get around the city, Friday was a good day. I didn’t have to worry about driving. I didn’t have to find a parking spot. My biggest worry was to hit the STOP!!! button for przystanek na żądanie but someone else got to it before me. I, of course, remembered to validate my ticket. I like to gapić się so I never ride na gapę. I can’t look out the windows and look out for kanary at the same time. It’s too stressful.

In case you are planning a return to public transportation such as I have, I can give you a few pointers.

Things You Should Not Do On Public Transport

1. You should never allow your dog to shit on the bus and then exit as if nothing has happened. (no comment)

2. Blow your nose without a tissue. (happens)

3. Smell bad. (happens)

4. Smell bad and try to cover it with drug store perfume. (happens)

5. Cut your nails. (in all fairness this was at the bus stop but still gross)

6. Touch me for any reason. (apparently I am magnetic)

7. Talk loudly on the phone and say “wiesz co” every other second.

8. Do your English homework in front of me all wrong (not officially forbidden, just drives me crazy)

9. Drink beer (happened but it was the ticket inspector drinking beer with the tram driver at the pętla – yes, the driver drove our tram after drinking and the inspector checked our tickets – jazda z prądem!!!)

10. Forget to validate your ticket. (if happens, speak English and give some English name and random local address)

11. Pass out in the seat and urinate. (it wasn’t me)

12. Put acid on the seats. (happened)

13. Forget to check seats for acid or any other liquid before sitting. (see points 11 and 12)

14. Smile. (strictly forbidden, almost never happens)

Validate your ticket and enjoy the ride!

Need help finding your way around the city?


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    February 24, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    cool post!!!

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    February 24, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Sank you!!!

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    Marek Cyzio
    February 24, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    Funny! I just read it to my daughter who goes to Poland with her (American, never left USA before) boyfriend. She looks really scared now 🙂

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    February 25, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Marek- We welcome her! Don't worry. She'll be safe. It's the Americans who attract the bad luck. Good luck American boyfriend and PS, don't eat the flaki 😉

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