Life in Poland

My hometown

My hometown is small, like really, really small. I had forgotten how small and rural it was. Not that I don’t appreciate small and rural, after all, we did buy a country house in a small and rural village. I now realize that a country house is much cooler when it comes in contrast to a city apartment with only a 45-minute drive between them. Everything is so far here.

PS We may have to wait awhile for pictures but there will be pictures, I promise.

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    August 5, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    This reminds me, I’ve talked recently with a colleague, an engineer, originally from Arkansas, Ozarks Mountains. He was reminiscing about leaving home. He decided to leave when he realized, people driving cars on a highway down there surely had not had to pick cotton for a living. He left home at 15 (high school), and cut all contacts with his family and friends. His siblings also scattered all over the country. Not a happy childhood, I guess, alcoholism, poverty, back-breaking work. The first time he went back home was after almost 40 years. It took so long to live it down. Now all siblings are very close.One funny thing, his village at least had electricity. But people from a nearby village, realizing they have to pay for the connection, whether they use it or not (like at night), refused connection to the grid.

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