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How does Poland celebrate Halloween?

This is the top keyword search phrase for Kielbasa Stories this week. The second top keyword search phrase is gross and makes me regret using the word kielbasa in the name of my blog.
So how does Poland celebrate Halloween?
I would have to say, grudgingly.
If you want to get a taste of Halloween in Japan, please check out Srodowe bento – wersja halloweenowa.
A conversation I had with Misiu just came to mind. We were sitting in the one and only coffeehouse in my little American hometown this summer just sipping our coffees and watching the world go by. Misiu was trying to come up with the proper word to describe my hometown.

“Quaint?” I offered.

“No,” he said.



“Rural? Agricultural? Out-of-the-way? Folksy?”

“Nope.  I was thinking ramshackle.”

“Oh, ramshackle. I can see it.”


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