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A Village Weekend

02262012363We had a warm and sunny weekend in the Village. It appeared that the whole village was working, raking, cleaning, digging and planting on Saturday. The weather was good enough on Sunday to work too, but on Sundays in our Village only we work in our garden. According to Village mores, it is highly inappropriate to work in your garden on Sunday. But to hell with Village mores – it’s our way of enjoying ourselves and relaxing. It is noteworthy that Village mores deem it appropriate enough on Sunday to get falling-down-drunk in front of the Village shop while Sunday gardening is definitely frowned upon. Additionally, we washed our car so our places in hell are practically guaranteed.
We also hit the church Easter sale (but not the actual church). It was a “pay-what-you-want” sale to benefit poor children so we bought two very Jesus-y  Easter postcards and paid 10 zl. The nun couldn’t allow such generous donors 😉 to leave with only 2 cards so she slipped us 2 “palms” for Palm Sunday. Maybe not the most efficient way to run a charity sale, but she was happy, we were happy. All was good.
We also took a few trips around the Village on foot and snapped some photos. It was a good weekend.  03182012425
03182012409 03182012383
  The rules never apply to me 😉

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    March 19, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    This is gonna be a long comment as 'not doing anything on Sunday' is a long story ;)My great-grandparents (that were probably born in 19th century 😉 treated Sunday as a holy day. No work were permitted including making Sunday lunch (usually prepared on Saturday) and bathing (done once a week – Saturday evening – to be fresh&clean during the 'holly' Sunday). My grandparents were not that strict (even though they were born before II WW). No work was permitted with exception of making Sunday lunch for entire family (good to live close to your grandparents, you know? 😉 Bathing on Sunday was not permitted. My parents were even less strict. They tried not to work during the 'church time' (till noon). Later nobody really cared. I don't care at all. Several times my mother tried to stop me washing my car because 'people go to church now' but that is not really an argument to me 😉 This lives deeply in our peasant culture together with not picking our dogs' shit, trashing and hospitality.

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    March 20, 2012 at 8:58 am

    The process looks pretty much the same in my family in the US. (My Polish family still clings to the remnants of the peasant culture)My grandmother who was not religious at all still kept a strict weekly schedule of housework with Sundays free. Even though my grandma has passed and I have a family of my own I still feel that Monday is the day to change your sheets and Tuesday is ironing day…I have big plans for this upcoming weekend – firstly work around the house – window cleaning (afterall Easter is coming up) and gardening. My second plan is to go for more walks to the pond and to pick up the litter along the way. Dog shit will have to stay 😉

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