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Week in Review – Conjunctivitis, Dzień Dziecka and Pokaz

We’ve had quite an active week.

The week started with a return of conjunctivitis (zapalenie spojówek) for me. It keeps coming back which has me worried, despite the fact that I followed my treatment exactly as ordered and threw out all my cosmetics (3 times already). I visited a specialist and am now back on the antibiotic drops. Goodbye new MAC eye-shadows. How I will miss you.

I visited an eye clinic for a private visit. With a serious case of conjunctivitis, my only choice was to go the ER for free (and listen to them berate me for coming to the ER for a non-emergency) or pay for an immediate visit. As I am quite fond of my eyesight, I chose to shell out the 100 zloty. What I liked about this clinic is that the nurses took charge. There was no asking among the patients who was next and all that. When it was your turn, the doctor called you by name. I was a bit worried to see the doctor. It seemed she was shouting at everybody for no apparent reason. That’s when Misiu pointed out that all the other patients were elderly and probably hard of hearing. Shouting was a necessity. The doctor did not shout at me.

Next, it was June 1st, Children’s Day (Dzień Dziecka) in Poland. Here’s how we handled it in our home.

First of all, our children receive presents almost exclusively on holidays. Lizzie informed me recently that some kids get presents bez okazji (without any special occasion). She honestly thought that I was unaware of this possibility. Sweet.

A week before Children’s Day we visited Smyk, a popular toy/clothing store for children. We examined the selection carefully and the girls picked out some things that they wanted to receive. Later, I bought them the Ken dolls that they had picked out and hid them until Children’s Day (in the secret hiding place on top of the wardrobe). The dolls were waiting for the girls Wednesday morning when they woke up. Despite having chosen the Kens that they wanted, the girls immediately switched dolls.

For all those procrastinators who went to Smyk Wednesday, I sympathize with you (total chaos!!!) and implore you to think ahead next year.

On Friday, Lizzie’s class had a show (pokaz) for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It was a lovely, little show in which different fairytale characters explained why Mom and Dad are so important to their children. Lizzie as Snow White, known for her parental conflicts, reminded us all that life without parents is just not the same. (Lizzie is on the right in the yellow skirt)2011 093 (640x480)

Jestem Śnieżka z bajki królewna

Przeżyłam ciężki czas

Bo zła macocha mnie wypędziła

Więc poszłam sobie w las

Tam krasnoludki domek otwarły

Dały mi jeść i pić,

Listkiem koniczyny łzy mi otarły

Kazały z sobą być.

Czary minęły, jestem na scenie

Mamusiom i tatusiom uśmiech ślę

Bo wiem jak wszystkim dzieciom na świecie

Jest bez rodziców żle*

The best part of the show, in my opinion, besides Lizzie’s performance was when the whole class sang a song in English!! The whole class! And they don’t all attend English lessons. It was awesome and brought a tear to my eye. Actually, the whole show made me a little teary. These kids are 4 and 5 years old and they song 4 songs (one in English) and delivered lines that seemed quite long and difficult for kids this age. I almost forgot about the dancing. They had partner dance steps to perform as well.

A big kiss, a big hug, a pink flower, the blue sky

A big kiss, a big hug, a pink flower, the blue sky

For you, for you, for you, for you

Mommy, Mommy

You’re like the sun

Mommy, Mommy

I love you Mom

Mommy, Mommy

You’re like the sun

Mommy, Mommy

I love you Mom

I am happy to report that the kids ate all the banana nut muffins that I brought.

Since we were at school anyway, we delivered our paper application for Rosie for pre-school. When a child is not accepted in the first stage of recruitment, parents can provide a paper application for the second stage in case a spot opens up. You should put the child’s personal data and your justifications of why your child should attend that school. We put the obvious that Lizzie already goes there, Rosie is ready to go and asks us everyday about it, etc. I couldn’t resist including as my last point that Rosie is super cute and very open and friendly to kids and teachers alike. I couldn’t help it. I had to write it. And anyhow, it’s true.

*I am Snow White from the fairytale. I have survived hard times because my Evil Stepmother exiled me. So I went on my way to the forest. There, the dwarves opened their home and gave me something to eat and drink. They wiped my tears with a clover leaf and told me to stay with them. The spell wore off and I’m here on the stage. I am sending a smile to Mommy and Daddy because I know, like all kids know, that without parents it is bad.

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