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blah, blah, blah…czyli what’s up with me

I know this blog is supposed to be mainly about Poland but we shall digress for a moment and talk about….me!

I am working, working, working as usual as is Misiu. We celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend (it had to be on the weekend for us, but hooray – no Black Friday!) and have started to think about Christmas. Santa Claus Day is the 6th and Lizzie and Rosie per our new tradition (because I forgot Santa Claus day last year) will leave letters to Santa under their pillows. Santa will take their letters so he knows what to bring them for Christmas and leave them something sweet . That’s how we cover the issue of Santa visiting us twice. So far our story holds water 😉

SDC12102We have received the girls’ passports finally. So what that the photographer made them look like orphans from some forgotten Siberian orphanage. What’s important is that they are little American citizens.

Lizzie and Rosie have hit the pre-school social circuit and they have hit it hard. They have invitations to birthday parties practically every week and last week they even went to 2 parties on the same day. One party Lizzie  described as the “best party in my whole life” – props to the mom who pulled that off. I don’t know if it means anything but my girls were the only girls invited to the last 2 parties and Lizzie is going to a party next week and she is the only girl invited. I noticed that those birthday boys like cars, dinosaurs and Spiderman just like Lizzie so I suppose it is a birds-of-a-feather thing.

We have plans to end our reign of village coolness and install central heating in our village house. Well, we have more than plans and would like to spend Christmas there without huddling in one room, but I say no more – don’t wanna jinx it.

We are also looking for a new apartment in the City. There’s nothing wrong with our current apartment, but as the kids grow the apartment seems to shrink. We thought we’d get on top of the problem and start looking now. Yesterday we went to an open house of one of the local developments. The apartments were nice if not a little to0 small for us (the biggest on offer was 72 sq.m.). The sales associate who accompanied us pulled a “ja tylko sprzątam” on us and knew almost nothing about the building, parking, garages, finish dates, etc. From our own investigation we found that this development will have no on-street parking. None. Well, there are 6 places currently at the sales booth but we alone would occupy 1/3 of that parking lot. That means garage only. Bleh, 50,000 PLN to park your car in a spot among all the other cars. Bleh.2011 011

2011 007On a brighter note, we went to the Christmas fair in the Market  Square as we do every year. The kids checked out the fairytale presentations and then took a few turns on the carousel and the race track (very Christmasey, 2011 013don’t ya think?) and we perused the stalls to see what’s new in Christmas trends. And what’s new in   Christmas trends? Apparently trying to pass off Christmas ornaments made in China as made in Poland – that’s the 2011 001only trend we saw. And thank you to the lady who gave us 3 tickets to the carousel after her child got bored. We used 2 of them and re-gifted the third. Thanks again.

2011 004

Merry Christmas preparations!

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    Lois B
    December 4, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    OMG, you have been busy, just the chauffeuring alone could fill up a calendar!

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    December 6, 2011 at 3:46 am

    Those passport pictures: each country has there rules: show the ear, look straight, show one side of your face. And most of us don't look so great in those pictures.Yes – it seems that as parents we spend the weekends taking kids to sporting events and bday parties.

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    December 8, 2011 at 10:42 am

    It was really hectic last week also because of our Thanksgiving preparations and Misiu was working at our house all day. We (the girls and myself) bought the turkey, went to buy the present and food for Thanksgiving, came back home to wrap the present and drop off the shopping, and then went to party #1. I rushed home to start the turkey, etc. and then picked up the kids after the party. The time just flew by. Kids played at home while I prepared the next dishes, Misiu came home and off to party #2. During party #2 I finished up the Thanksgiving dinner which we ate after the party. The kids weren't much interested as they had just returned from the best party ever and we were all exhausted, but a \”good\” exhausted, a \”family\” exhausted. Next on the agenda is Christmas 🙂

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