Life in Poland

The first time I met Misiu

Do you remember the first time you met your spouse? I do. I was sitting in my room at PZU writing a shopping list in Polish and trying to learn how to pronounce the words before going out.

My shopping list looked something like this:cukier

chleb – hlep (bread)

herbata – hair-bought-a (tea)

mleko – mlake-0 (milk)

masło – mass-wo (butter)masło

ser – sair (cheese)

cukier – tsook-air (sugar)

Don’t judge me. It was my second day in Poland.

Then my intercom rang and somebody said, “Rebecca? I’m a teacher from school”. I was so excited that I didn’t even tell him my name was not Rebecca. I went out on the landing to see who it was and I heard heavy foot steps climbing the stairs. Then as a head appeared, I said hi and this guy, my Misiu turned around, looking up from the stairs as I looked down and said hi back. I remember what he was wearing – green/grey Levi’s trousers, a t-shirt, black shoes and a black belt. It was August and he was also very suntanned. Sounds romantic but it actually was not because the next thing I said was, “Do you speak English?” Misiu replied, “Yes,” and I said, “Great. We’re going shopping. By the way, I’m not Rebecca.”

Who would have thought we would end up together?

By the way, Rebecca was a teacher who was supposed to come to “my” school. She got ill at the last minute, and I came in her place.

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    October 28, 2009 at 1:47 am

    And you \”came in her place\”! Love it!Thanks for the welcome. I've been following for several months, and finally signed in! My ancestors are from your town. (I am a cousin to Sallie.)I appreciate being able to read your perspective on things from your part of the world.Pam

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    October 28, 2009 at 7:00 am

    Thanks again for reading. I'm preparing some pictures of the big church and also of another wooden church in the area for you and Sallie. I don't know if Sallie mentioned it but I asked my nephew to take the interior photos because the church is often locked to prevent theft or vandalism. He's 9 and is crazy about taking pictures and about going to church. \”Religion\” is the one subject at school that he is really good at(besides gym class). Unfortunately, his English grades are not very good. Yikes!

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