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My apartment contains a very strange mix of furniture. I’ve got a lot of “Swedish” furniture, so much so that one of my friends, seeing a picture of my apartment, asked if we lived in IKEA. I have a few pieces of second-hand Bodzio furniture that I painted for the kids. (If you don’t know what Bodzio furniture is, consider yourself lucky. If you do, then let’s send our props to Bogdan Szewczyk and the furniture manufacturing haven of Twardogóra/Goszcz.) I also have a few (that means 2) antique pieces. Misiu says that they are not really antique. The furniture is more than a hundred years old and I bought it in an antique shop. That’s antique enough for me.

My absolute favorite piece of furniture is our wardrobe. When I spotted it at the antique shop, I couldn’t resist 10072009touching it, stroking it actually. Then the saleslady opened up the wardrobe to show me the inside where she revealed a secret compartment. I was already making up dramatic stories in my mind of previous owners hiding their valuables from the invading Germans, or Russians, or Martians or whomever. I had to have it. I stayed at the antique shop to stand guard over my precious wardrobe as I sent Misiu to the cash machine to get some money for a deposit, pronto!

a top view10072009(002)a close up view 10072009(004)a bottom view 10072009(001)

I cannot tell you where the secret compartment is or what is in it, but wouldn’t you like to know?

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

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